Cultural Heritage Partners is proud to collaborate with these mission-aligned allies to deliver the most effective solutions to our clients’ needs.


The Heritas Group

Heritas is a global strategic advisory firm working with governments, businesses, and social enterprises to change the underlying rules of the game, through collaboration-building, leadership development, social finance, and government affairs.


Reframe It

Reframe It’s Deliberative Society Process is a technology-supported method for sustainable decision-making that allows any corporation, organization, governmental agency, or governing entity to consult its population efficiently and effectively about choices that involve significant complexity and difficult tradeoffs.


Total Impact Capital

TOTAL Impact Capital (formerly known as Total Impact Advisors) specializes in sourcing and developing private investment opportunities that are socially and financially attractive. They also design innovative, sustainable financial solutions for governments and non-profits to support their missions. TOTAL Impact Capital is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between these exciting investment opportunities and the varied impact investor segments. As a financial intermediary, TOTAL effectively blends different sources of capital including VC, private equity and impact debt as well as public and philanthropic funds.


The FDR Center for Global Engagement at Harvard College

The Center is committed to finding practical, reasonable, implementable solutions to specific problems that confound the 21st century. It supports research for broad publication, conducts consultative projects for real-world clients, and hosts fellows from beyond the gates of Harvard.


The Public Diplomacy Collaborative at The Kennedy School of Government

The Collaborative applies social science to international communication challenges, bringing together public diplomacy scholars and practitioners across sectors, disciplines, and national boundaries. It is a lab for enhancing public diplomacy effectiveness for all citizens and officials who engage in global discussion.