Business Strategy

We build the capacity of our clients to achieve greater impact and efficiency in pursuing their cultural mission. Our team is comprised of experienced social entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofit managers. We know the challenges of running successful mission-oriented businesses in today’s climate, and we help our clients turn their ideas into reality and thrive.

Our Services

We enjoy helping clients focus on long-term sustainability through:

  • Comprehensive and creative business planning
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Diversifying revenue streams
  • Leveraging technology
  • Building lasting partnerships and navigating mergers

Our Clients

We also grow our clients’ impact by:

  • Facilitating strategic planning efforts
  • Conducting market assessments and identifying growth areas
  • Auditing communications and enhancing media relations
  • Strengthening governance, including training for and development of boards of directors
  • Evaluating programs
  • Developing and supporting new and existing programs