Interior del Capitolio Washington DC

Our Approach

Our team advocates for both preservation-related and business issues for our clients at the federal, state, and local levels. Our attorneys have relationships with legislators and staff on both sides of the aisle and have worked in the White House, the State Department, on Capitol Hill, and in state legislative offices. Our combined forty years of experience in political campaigning—from speechwriting to fundraising to direct mail—and our substantive knowledge of the preservation field give our clients the advantage.

We devise and execute effective issue campaigns, organize meaningful constituent visits, and leverage traditional and social media to mobilize public support. We align our clients with like-minded organizations to amplify their efforts and attend regular meetings with our preservation partners in Washington. Our strong relationships with agency personnel and understanding of administrative law and process serve clients with rulemaking, contracting, and enforcement issues.

Current Issues

We are currently advancing the following objectives:

  • Full and permanent funding for the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), which would help Section 106 reviews to be conducted more efficiently
  • Blocking import of antiquities looted by the Islamic State
  • Growing the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program
  • Implementing Section 1312 of the FAST Act to fund development of robust cultural resources GIS database systems throughout the country


  • Develop comprehensive government affairs strategies
  • Foster issue-based coalitions
  • Organize meaningful constituent visits and fly-ins
  • Draft Congressional testimony
  • Draft comments on regulatory rule-makings
  • Represent clients before federal agencies on contracting and enforcement issues