Our Approach

We help clients identify and implement responsible solutions at the intersection of development and preservation. Equipped with our strong background and experience in domestic and international cultural heritage protections, as well as legal concerns of businesses operating in heritage management and preservation, we protect our clients’ interests, resolve disputes, and help manage risk.

National Historic Preservation Act and Section 106

We represent clients throughout the Section 106 consultation process, assisting project proponents, consulting parties, landowners, and other stakeholders navigate the regulatory framework and reach the best resolution for the project and the resources.

With years of experience working with federal agencies and building relationships with state and tribal historic preservation officers and national advocacy organizations, we have insight into the needs and goals of the various Section 106 stakeholders before consultation even begins – giving our clients an advantage from Day 1.

Underwater Historic Resources

Underwater cultural heritage legal and regulatory regimes are rapidly evolving as technology makes more underwater resources known and accessible. Our team has background and experience with a variety of underwater issues, including application of the Abandoned Shipwreck Act, title suits, the law of the sea, and the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Domestic and International Site Preservation

We work with clients to devise strategies to protect archaeological sites and cultural institutions at risk from looting due to political instability, armed conflict, and exploitation by terrorist groups, including the Islamic State.

We also help leverage historic and cultural sites for increased tourism and economic development, advising clients on the UNESCO World Heritage process as well as sustainable financial models, management partnerships, and other tools for appropriate long-term preservation and access.