Museums and Cultural Institutions

  • Law:  Cultural Heritage Partners has unmatched breadth and depth of experience in art and museums law, with the ability to assist a wide variety of organizations. CHP can advise museums about risks in their collections and has experience working with staff, trustees and experts to manage and minimize those risks. We can provide educational programs for art and museum organizations regarding staff and board duties, collections management, World War II and wartime looting, donations and other topics.  Lawyers at CHP have worked to help art and museum institutions manage collections, buy and sell objects, steer through the delicate negotiations surrounding demands for restitution, educate board members about fiduciary duties, and overall, handle their legal responsibilities properly and efficiently.
  • Strategy:  Many cultural institutions are facing tighter budgets, facilities challenges, and a host of other issues. Cultural Heritage Partners can help museums and cultural institutions devise forward-thinking strategic plans that are practical and relevant. We help create stronger enterprises that generate impact for generations to come.
  • Government Affairs:  We are skilled advocates for museums and cultural institutions at the local, state and federal level on both business and collections-related issues. We can navigate budget restructuring, tax issues, and government contracts. Our strong relationships with the U.S. State Department and sovereign governments help our clients resolve trade disputes and develop partnership opportunities.