Tribal Relations

We understand the particular needs of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian entities, as well as those of groups that work with indigenous peoples. Our firm especially enjoys crafting strategies that balance today’s opportunities with the preservation of indigenous cultures for the future. For example, we assist with:

  • Protecting culturally significant sites
  • NAGPRA or international repatriation issues
  • More effective Section 106 consultation with federal agencies and project proponents
  • Strategic planning for cultural heritage preservation
  • Status clarification and trust reform
  • Resolving or mediating disputes
  • Developing 8(a) businesses and social enterprises, including LC3s
  • Accessing federal contracts and grant programs
  • Community development initiatives
  • Domestic and international government relations and policy
  • Facilitation and training for appropriate consultation

We also work with development project proponents, private entities or individuals, and federal and state agencies that seek to develop or improve relationships with tribal governments. Cultural Heritage Partners understands and appreciates the value of effective and meaningful tribal consultation in development projects — to tribes, government agencies, project proponents, and local communities. Our team has incomparable experience working with both project proponents and tribes to ensure that tribal perspectives have real impact.

Our firm can also support growing efforts of indigenous people to reclaim pieces of their cultural heritage long lost to US and overseas markets. With our long history in restitution and repatriation (see Art and Antiquities), our attorneys recognize the vital importance of reclaiming cultural patrimony.