Our Approach

As one of the only firms in the world focusing exclusively on the cultural heritage sector, our art and antiquities clients benefit from our focused approach developed through years of litigating and advising a variety of players.

With our comprehensive background and experience in domestic and international art and antiquities matters, as well as corporate and commercial art law matters, we help our clients achieve their objectives using a wide range of legal tools, from strategic business management and consulting, to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, to complex litigation.

Our attorneys are internationally recognized as experts in the cultural property sector, regularly publishing and speaking on issues such as international cultural property, art transactions, collection lending from foreign countries, restitution, and stolen antiquities recovery.

Our Services

We represent museums, art galleries, auction houses, major collectors, dealers, non-profits, artists, and private individuals. We handle a wide range of issues, including provenance and ownership disputes, collection lending and borrowing issues, maintenance and management of collections, insurance, tax and trust matters, conservation issues, and art and antiquities transactions such as auctions, appraisals, valuations, purchases, and sales.

Our litigation and alternative dispute resolution experience in the areas of Nazi seizures, wartime looting, forced sales, and thefts has allowed us to resolve recovery claims successfully on behalf of heirs of Holocaust victims, museums, collection houses, and foreign governments.

We regularly advise on arts-related matters concerning copyright and trademark, including applications for state and federal protections and infringement litigation.

On the international stage, we represent and counsel foreign governments, advocacy organizations, and private individuals on UNESCO conventions and U.S. laws governing antiquities. We help clients devise strategies to protect archaeological sites and cultural institutions at risk due to natural disasters, political instability, armed conflict, and exploitation. We are unique in our range of experience drafting, negotiating, and advocating for Memoranda of Understanding between foreign governments and the United States pursuant to the Cultural Property Implementation Act.