Heritage Preservation

What We Do

Advocate for People & Places in Permitting Reviews

We help our clients get their voices heard and their resources valued during federal permitting processes, including Section 106 and NEPA. We advocate for location and design changes to avoid and minimize impacts of development on historic and cultural resources. When agencies permit projects that unavoidably will adversely affect historic and cultural resources, we negotiate for meaningful mitigation for the communities who value those resources.

We assist tribal and local governments, consulting parties, landowners, project proponents, and other stakeholders in navigating the regulatory framework to reach the best solution to balance development needs with preservation values. Learn More.

Reduce and Mitigate Impacts from Offshore Wind

Renewable energy is an important part of our response to climate change and should be developed in ways that respect cultural heritage. We help local and tribal governments, neighborhood associations, and communities advocate for historic properties and heritage tourism economies that will be negatively impacted by offshore wind development. We help consulting parties protect their legal rights under the National Environmental Policy Act and National Historic Preservation Act and negotiate agreements with developers to minimize negative impacts and share the benefits of these developments. Learn more.

Protect Historic Landmark & Landscape Protection

Our attorneys have a successful track record protecting National Historic Landmarks, significant landscapes, historic viewsheds, and traditional cultural properties.

Advance New Development & Adaptive Reuse for Cities

We provide strategic support to cities to develop best practices, leverage preservation law for new development and adaptive reuse, and revise local preservation ordinances to make them more effective and efficient.


Please contact our team leader: Marion Werkheiser.