Legal Services


Our clients work to ensure that economic and community development is conducted in a manner that is respectful of historic and cultural resources.  We assist clients with:

  • Section 106 compliance and risk management
  • Conservation and historic preservation easements
  • Historic rehabilitation tax credit projects
  • Securing injunctions against irresponsible development

Cultural Heritage Partners applies both substantive understanding of the laws governing historic preservation and cultural resources and experience in problem solving and dispute resolution to help our clients achieve their goals in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


We recognize that the challenges facing today’s museums, art institutions, and cultural heritage organizations are varied and go well beyond traditional object and site management.  Protecting intellectual property is more important than ever.

CHP helps our clients navigate the many copyright and trademark complications created by the digital age, supporting your organization’s efforts to manage its most valuable intellectual property.  We can identify what needs to be protected in your organization, prepare and file registration documents with the U.S. Copyright and Trademark Offices, and protect your intellectual property by handling license agreements, cease and desist demands, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act procedures for online infringement.


We assist our clients with their business law issues so that they can accomplish more related to their preservation mission.  For cultural resource management firms, foundations, universities, professional associations, and nonprofit preservation organizations, we:

  • Assess risk and develop risk management plans
  • Evaluate and negotiate strategic alliances and merger opportunities
  • Help clients select the most advantageous corporate form to achieve their objectives, including newer structures such as B Corps and LC3s

In addition to advising in these areas, we provide business strategy consulting and government affairs services.


Our experience in international art and cultural heritage matters includes helping sovereign governments to obtain Memoranda of Understanding with the United States under the Cultural Property Implementation Act to obtain provide protection for native art and objects which may have been illegally exported.  Our attorneys understand the potential implications of admiralty law in art and cultural heritage matters, as well as the broad array of international conventions governing shipwrecks and underwater cultural heritage. We assist individuals, institutions and governments to craft policies on international collection practices, resolving ownership disputes and managing risk.