Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Marion F. Werkheiser

Marion-1-5Firm co-founder and managing member Marion Forsyth Werkheiser serves as a trusted strategic advisor to clients throughout the cultural heritage and preservation communities. She has counseled more than eighty enterprises on organizational capacity-building projects, including government relations, strategic planning, board governance, program development, fundraising, and risk management. Read more


Greg Werkheiser

Greg Werkheiser is founding partner of the law and strategy firm Cultural Heritage Partners, PLLC, and of its allied consulting venture the Heritas Group. He is an award-winning lawyer and social entrepreneur tackling complex challenges in the fields of cultural heritage preservation, economic development, leadership development, politics and government, and civil rights. Read more



L. Eden Burgess

edenEden’s practice focuses on art, cultural heritage, museum and intellectual property law. She has represented foreign states, museums, auction houses, major collectors, nonprofits and other entities, both as claimants and claim recipients, in a wide variety of cases. She has litigated and settled complex claims involving Nazi seizures, wartime looting, forced sales and thefts. Read more



Kathleen Pessolano

lfm_16 (vertical)_medKathleen Pessolano is an attorney with Cultural Heritage Partners, PLLC and a principal at its allied strategic consulting firm, The Heritas Group. Kathleen’s practice focuses on the legal, regulatory, and programmatic aspects of sustainable development, with a special focus on the tourism sector…
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Diana Vodden

lfm_16 (vertical)_medDiana earned her B.A. in International Relations at San Francisco State University with a minor in Environmental Studies. She received Dean honors during her studies while working full-time to put herself through school.
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Lucy Matthews

lfm_16 (vertical)_medLucy Matthews is program and research manager at Cultural Heritage Partners, PLLC, and a manager at The Heritas Group. She brings knowledge of cultural heritage, tourism, environment, development and international relations to the team, and is particularly interested in the many ways in which these fields overlap.
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