Press Materials Regarding MDC’s Slate of Esteemed Candidates for Montpelier Board

Today the Montpelier Descendants Committee (MDC) announced a slate of twenty candidates who are ready to immediately fill nine open seats on the board of the Foundation that manages President James Madison’s historic estate. The candidates include highly accomplished professionals drawn from multiple fields, including history, law, politics, public policy, leadership theory and practice, journalism, finance, philanthropy, fundraising, dispute resolution, emerging technology, cultural heritage preservation, and museum management – fields central to the Foundation’s mission. All candidates have made clear, however, that they will not serve if The Montpelier Foundation treats them second-class members by delaying granting them voting power after appointment.

Below you will find the following press materials:

1.  Press release announcing MDC’s 20 esteemed candidates to the Montpelier Foundation Board and other breaking news
2.  PowerPoint deck with profiles of each of the candidates
3.  Packet of one-page biographies of each of the candidates as well as MDC’s currently serving 3 Foundation board members
4.  A PDF of a composite photo of all the headshots of the candidates
5.  Yesterday’s letter of resignation from the Foundation’s last remaining full-time Black employee (out of 69 remaining employees as of Friday)
6.  A screenshot of an email from CEO Roy Young listing the emerging harms to Montpelier resulting from this crisis