Claire O'Brien

Preservation Practice Coordinator

(443) 501-9208

Claire O’Brien is a heritage professional with a decade of administrative experience. She supports the Preservation Practice by utilizing her strengths in office management and research to ensure timely and accurate deliverables. Prior to joining CHP, Claire worked at the Baltimore Museum of Art where she held roles in the marketing, curatorial, and registration divisions. She studied international heritage frameworks in Germany while benefiting from the diverse perspectives of her colleagues. Claire is dedicated to making heritage accessible and relevant to everyday life by amplifying historically silenced voices and using people-centered approaches.

About Claire

Claire earned her M.A. in World Heritage Studies from Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus – Senftenberg. Her thesis focused on virtual experiences of national parks and the opportunities they provide in terms of environmental education and fostering pro-environmental behavior. She graduated magna cum laude from Creighton University with a B.A. in Classical and Near Eastern Studies and minors in Art History and Italian.  

Claire is a licensed real estate agent who loves to find old houses in need of another chance. She also enjoys baking, crafting, and exploring with her faithful hound.